Webinar: Better Enrichment, Detection, Hunting, Triage with Anvilogic for Splunk

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Reduce Manual Effort and Gain Better Enrichment, Detection, Hunting, Triage with Anvilogic for SplunkYou have the data you need - Now What? Stop moving between 100s of tabs, deploying rules that drive noisy alerts, and never miss an event of interest again!See how the Anvilogic detection automation platform can help to reduce the time, complexity, and expertise needed to build detections and manage your overall security operations - leveraging your already existing logging platform or data lake.Alert fatigue and backlog don’t need to happen - Make it easy to quickly:

  • Tune rules, find rules that have been over-tuned
  • Correlate across multiple web connections to visualize an attack lifecycle
  • Find a rule that has been broken and unnoticed for days
  • Keep track of audit trails
  • Get ML-driven recommendations for rules driving noisy alerts and take action
  • Easily communicating constitutional knowledge to reduce dwell time
  • Get newer analysts up to speed with contextual information about a particular user, host, or process for those unfamiliar

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Anvilogic provided the necessary threat detection automation for our small SOC, adding a significant force-multiplier advantage for my team.