Targeted Threat Hunting

Visualize attack patterns and remain proactive against the most sophisticated threats with speed and accuracy

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Build a threat hunting program without starting from scratch

Reduce Risk With Comprehensive, AI-Assisted Hunting

Speed up hunting activities with our hunting framework to research activity across your MITRE ATT&CK and Kill Chain use cases

Start Hunting With AI-Driven Hypotheses

Lower the threat hunting knowledge barrier by utilizing AI-driven hypotheses to start thinking and acting like a threat hunter

Lower the Learning Curve With a No-Code Query Builder

Look for impacts across your environment, search and pivot for interesting events without writing a single line of code

Document Your Hunt at Every Step for Faster Collaboration

Utilize graphical link analysis and document your hunt from hypothesis-to-resolution then easily share your findings with your team

Find Suspicious Patterns

Automated threat detection enables teams to find suspicious patterns inside events of interest (EOI) with AI-driven detections and automatically escalate high-risk warning signals based on hunting techniques

Quickly search and query to look for impacts to other users and systems without being a search language expert using a simple, extensible right-click menu

Visualize Your Hunting Experience

Connect evidence and stitch together the story of a hunt with an intuitive hunting interface and graphical link analysis

Visualize alerts and suspicious activity patterns using MITRE ATT&CK while utilizing content frameworks, data models, and a no-code builder to create sequenced threat patterns and detections

Build Your Threat Hunting Program

Build proactive security practices and invest in your team’s skills and incorporate real hunting techniques into your existing SOC workflows

Supplement your current hunting program and train the next generation of threat hunters all within the Anvilogic platform

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