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Anvilogic is a Palo Alto based cybersecurity company founded by veterans from across the security industry.  

Our mission is to help unify people, process, and technology across the Security Operations Center  to protect organizations from cybersecurity threats.

Anvilogic’s modern SOC Platform enables efficiency by unifying and automating threat detection and incident response so security teams can quickly detect, hunt, triage, and respond to threats.

In today’s SOC, analysts spend most of their time struggling to keep up with Incident Response

The typical Security Operations Center (SOC) aggregates alerts from the variety of security solutions deployed in their enterprise, including alerts for both malicious and suspicious activity. SOC’s also collect raw logs from specific domains (networks, servers and devices, and users) in an attempt to address existing detection gaps by developing specific attack detections. The data needed to protect the attack surface can be noisy and overwhelming.

A collage of the Anvilogic leadership team.

Our Leadership

Our team is made of up of leaders who are passionate about security, our customers and community coming together to solve the challenges customers face daily and having fun while we do it.

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Anvilogic is backed by top-tier VC firms and prominent industry executives.

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