Multi-Data Platform Approach
to Security Analytics

Anvilogic fast-tracks your security team's ability to deploy and tune detections, hunt more efficiently, and bridge the gap between your traditional SIEM and modern security data lake with an intelligent SOC copilot.

Close Detection Gaps Across Data Platforms

Anvilogic provides seamless support for your existing SIEM and petabyte-scale data lake platforms 

Cut SIEM Costs Without Rip-and-Replace

By shifting high-volume use cases to more cost-effective logging solutions with minimal disruption to your team

Reduce Vendor Lock-In

Giving you the freedom to choose your optimal mix of data platforms for threat detection and response with an intelligent copilot

Decouple Your Logging Platform from Security Analytics

Anvilogic breaks the SIEM lock-in that drives detection gaps and high costs for enterprise SOCs. It enables detection engineers and threat hunters to keep using their existing SIEM while seamlessly adopting a scalable and cost-effective data lake for high-volume data sources and advanced analytics use cases.

How it Works

Day 1

Pick Your Data Platforms & Onboard Feeds

A key difference in Anvilogic’s platform is that you can “unify your SIEM and security data lake”. We support Splunk Cloud, Snowflake, and Azure Sentinel/Log Analytics. Pick which platforms you want to connect. Based on your MITRE ATT&CK priorities, we will recommend up to 2-3 data feeds to test during the free trial.

Pick Your Data Platform & Onboard Feeds
Day 2

Deploy AI Recommended Detection Use Cases

Once your platform is configured, we will automatically deploy hundreds of threat hunting and detection queries that align to your MITRE ATT&CK priorities. These detections are deployed as “warning” signals by default and used as baseline activity for AI-generated insights. These warning signals can also be used for hunting and advanced correlation.

Deploy AI Recommended Detection Use Cases
Day 3

Automatically Tune Detections with AI

After a couple of days, our AI-generated insights will automatically begin to tune those deployed detections based on common false positive strings and patterns.

Automatically Tune Detections with AI
Day 4

Escalate High Fidelity Alerts

Once the detections are tuned and reach a low volume threshold we will automatically recommend to escalate these detections to alerts that can be triaged.  In addition, our hunting insights analytics will also analyze each warning signal and escalate any events that are determined to be highly suspicious.

Escalate High Fidelity Alerts
Day 5

Build Your Own Detections & Hunting Queries with an AI Assistant

With Anvilogic, you can also build your own custom threat hunting or correlation rules unique to your environment using a low-code UI builder to escalate any events you feel are most critical to respond to.  Not the best at SPL, KQL, or SQL?  Monte Copilot turns your natural language questions into search logic.

Build Your Own Detections & Hunting Queries with an AI Assistant
Day 6

Measure Maturity & Improve Over Time

Keep track of all the progress you make in real-time to ensure you are continuously improving based on the detections you have deployed across your prioritized MITRE ATT&CK techniques. Align your security leadership, security engineers, and analysts with a single view of your maturity improvements.

Measure Maturity & Improve Over Time
On-Demand Webinar

Unlocking Security Optimization Amongst a Multi-Data Platform Strategy

Join Omer Singer, VP of Strategy at Anvilogic with Lucas Moody, SVP & CISO at Alteryx, to learn why the freedom to choose which data platforms to invest in without compromising your security operations is no longer in an idyllic, unknown future — it's achievable now.
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Lucas Moody
SVP & CISO, Alteryx

Integrate With Your Existing Tools

Our platform integrates with your existing data platforms and security tools without requiring you to centralize your data.
This agnostic approach enables you to reduce vendor lock-in.

Break Free from SIEM Lock-in

Break Free from SIEM Lock-in

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