From PEAK to Apex:  
Hunting Made Better with Anvilogic for Splunk

Join us for a on-demand, encore presentation of our theater session from .conf23.

In this session, you'll hear from Jeswanth (Jes) Manikonda, Sr. Director of Product Management at Anvilogic.

Watch Our On-Demand Session

On-Demand Session

Threat hunting is a valuable activity for any SOC, but challenging to get started or establish a repeatable and well-documented process. Learn how Anvilogic’s approach to detection engineering and threat hunting compliments the PEAK Threat Hunting Framework developed by the Splunk SURGe team.

Together Anvilogic and Splunk provide teams with a foundation and structured approach to preparing and executing hunts, ultimately improving your ability to detect and respond to threats and reducing risk.

Episode Host Headshot
Jeswanth (Jes) Manikonda
Sr. Director Product Management, Anvilogic