Multi-Cloud Threat Detection

Cloud-Native Detection Coverage

Have better cloud security with multi-cloud threat detection that correlates across your cloud, multi-cloud and non-cloud activity.
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Unify Cloud Detections in a Single Platform

Unify Cloud Detections in a Single Platform
Cloud environments pose even greater challenges compared to traditional setups due to the evolving threat landscape, configuration, ephemeral nature, and nuanced detection methods surrounding them.
Unlike endpoint attacks that often use malware, cloud attacks frequently utilize legitimate requests to cloud services, making them harder to identify.
In the hustle and bustle of an enterprise cloud environment, atomic (one-dimensional) detections face a harsh tradeoff between low accuracy and overwhelming noise.  Correlating between cloud, multi-cloud and non-cloud activity can provide fidelity for effective detection coverage.
With Anvilogic, you can easily integrate with your existing IaaS & security SaaS investments to search, hunt, and implement detection logic for multi-data platform correlation.

Fluent in Cloud Detections

Fluent in Cloud Detections
We're completely fluent in cloud, so you don't have to be. Utilize hundreds of out-of-the-box cloud-native threat detection rulesets directly in our detection library, The Armory.
Browse through our cloud domain threat detection library and immediately deploy rules to protect your cloud and SaaS environments.

Multi-Cloud Threat Correlation

Multi-Cloud Threat Correlation
Like a detective collecting evidence, cloud threat detection should include more than one logging source.
An attack that is easy to miss when looked at only from the cloud perspective can become obvious when looking across cloud, endpoint, identity, and other types of activity.
Design decisions and tooling selection determine how easy it will be to create these high-fidelity detections across single and multi cloud environments.
Building multi-dimensional detections is made easy with our Anvilogic framework. You can use SQL JOIN operations to merge data from different clouds into advanced multi-dimensional detection logic.
Navigating Effective Detection for Cloud Environments
In this episode of Detection Engineering Dispatch, we unravel the complexities of cloud threat detection and define what makes a robust cloud detection.
Michael Monte
Sr. Director of Security Field Engineering at Anvilogic
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Break Free from SIEM Lock-in

Break Free from SIEM Lock-in