Cut SIEM Costs Without a

Anvilogic breaks the SIEM lock-in that drives detection gaps and high costs for enterprise SOCs. It enables detection engineers and threat hunters to keep using their existing SIEM while seamlessly adopting a scalable and cost-effective data lake for high-volume data sources and advanced analytics use cases resulting in up to 80% cost savings.
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Anvilog + Snowflake
Total Logging Compute Costs
Total Logging Storage Costs
Total Logging Estimated Costs with Snowflake

*Snowflake costs are based on Snowflake enterprise level licensing

Compare to:
(est. cost saving 81.26%)
(est. cost saving 86.80%)
(est. cost saving 85.16%)

*Costs savings do not include Anvilogic annual licensing.

** Splunk costs are excluding storage, infrastructure, management, and maintenance of Splunk Infrastructure