Calculate Your Estimated Cost Savings by Adopting a SIEM-less Architecture Over Time

Enterprise SOC teams use Anvilogic as the security analytics layer on top of the data platforms they choose. This gives you the choice to incrementally migrate all or some of your security data from your existing SIEM into a data lake like Snowflake for significant cost savings without sacrificing security.
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Anvilog + Snowflake
Total Logging Compute Costs
Total Logging Storage Costs
Total Logging Estimated Costs with Snowflake

*Snowflake costs are based on Snowflake enterprise level licensing

Compare to:
(est. cost saving 81.26%)
(est. cost saving 86.80%)
(est. cost saving 85.16%)

*Costs savings do not include Anvilogic annual licensing.

** Splunk costs are excluding storage, infrastructure, management, and maintenance of Splunk Infrastructure