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Stay Ahead of the Curve With Our Pre-Built Detections

Leverage thousands of ready-to-deploy detections across multiple query languages (SPL, SQL, KQL) with new detections released weekly by the Anvilogic Forge Team.
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pre-built detections

Go From Threats to Detections in Minutes

Automated Threat Research to Curated Detection

automated threat reserch to curated detection
Building and deploying detections is often centered around a high priority threat that puts your organization at risk. The time it takes for analysts to gather, conduct, and interpret the research then build and deploy the detection, can take days if not weeks, only widening the attack window without the required threat detection coverage.
Our platform has a collection of pre-built, researched, and CI/CD-verified detections. The Anvilogic Forge Team, who specially crafts these detections, is our Purple Team of researchers with deep expertise across all clouds and threat techniques.
With a single click, you can effortlessly deploy our Forge expert's curated threat intelligence into actionable detections across your data platforms, reducing your time to deploy new detections from weeks to minutes.
Unlike black box detection content from most security vendors, you can also customize the detections you deploy from our library to fit your unique environment and business use cases. And, you can always compare the Anvilogic version to your updated versions, with full version history.

Premium Detection Ingredients

premium detection ingredients
Our Forge team goes beyond mere threat reporting by actively delivering prioritized and actionable technical threat knowledge items as a core service focused on helping detection engineering teams.
While IOC compilations and broader threat landscape analyses are valuable, they don't deliver the targeted adversary behavior that detection engineers need to excel in their missions.
Our threat detection library provides intel that leads to better detection engineering, such as singular threat identifiers focused on a granular point detection in the particular domain and across multiple domains, effectively chaining multi-stage pattern threat scenarios.
The threats identified are grouped by specific industry, geographical location, and MITRE tactics and techniques so threat coverage can be collectively evaluated, measured, and improved over time.

Doing MITRE Right

doing MITRE right
Many solutions that come with vendor provided security content provide an overwhelming volume of options focused on quantity rather quality and often result in a lack of actionable information.
Additionally, they may not provide sufficient guidance on how organizations can effectively leverage this threat intel or show what sources of telemetry they would need to put their rules into practice in the customer specific environment, they leave that up to the Detection Engineering team to figure out on their own.
Our recommended engine makes the threat library in combination with our tenant profiles, context aware, helping you cut through the clutter by highlighting actionable steps rather than overwhelming you with options.
Discover your detection gaps based on factors like your industry, tech stack, region, risk threshold, and more. With your recommended detection packs, threat identifiers, and scenarios aligned to your connected and existing feeds, you gain relevance, focus, and a tailored-maid experience ready to deploy within seconds.

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Metrics & Reporting
Reduce the Complexities of Detection Engineering, Tuning, Maintenance and Hunting
In this deep dive post, we walk you through how Anvilogic makes it easier to build and tune detections and threat hunt across Splunk and other data platforms.
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Break Free from SIEM Lock-in

Break Free from SIEM Lock-in