Enhanced Alert Triage

Auto-enrich and automate triage so your team can move fast and focus on the most pressing threats

Assess, tune, and enrich alerts from a centralized platform

Optimized SOC

Supercharge your SOC by adopting repeatable processes to reevaluate and validate triage process with formalized frameworks

Sequenced Detections

Correlate alerts with objects of interests, including persistent threats, to quickly understand the sequence of events

Context At-A-Glance

Gain context and enable faster analysis with automatic synchronization of content metadata and contextual enrichment

No More Silos

Triage alerts across your multiple hybrid, cloud, and data lakes for improved visibility and efficiency

More Effective Triage

Enable faster triage, tuning, and correlation of alerts with visualized threat scenario attack patterns, link analysis, and sequenced events to increase mean-time-to-triage

Enable Faster Response

Easily enrich alerts by connecting CMDB, threat intelligence, and your other API data sources while simplifying how investigations are conducted and tracked by integrating your existing SIEM, SOAR, and case management tools and performing exposure checks of your raw logs

Streamline Triage Management

Perform alert tuning, allow listing, and triage observations across your multiple hybrid, cloud, and data lakes with visualized link analysis and attack patterns that map to industry frameworks

Customer Case Studies

Research to keep you up-to-date on threats

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