Alteryx Breaks Free from SIEM Lock-in with Anvilogic

Alteryx Breaks Free from SIEM Lock-in with Anvilogic

Future SIEM

Alteryx is a leading data analytics software provider committed to delivering actionable insights to its global customer base. Aiming to enhance their security operations and scale their threat detection capabilities, Alteryx’s security team needed to find a solution that would allow all their team members to be involved in threat detection while streamlining operations and providing a standardized framework for assessing maturity.

That's where Anvilogic came in. Rather than replacing its existing security infrastructure, Alteryx looked for a solution that would act as a bridge and let them take measured steps toward modernization. With Anvilogic, Alteryx was able to rapidly build threat detection use cases while also providing a comprehensive solution that transcended the limitations of its legacy SIEM.

Reduced Risk

Alteryx better understood their security posture and identified areas for improvement through the security maturity assessments based on the integrated MITRE ATT&CK framework within the Anvilogic platform.


Lowered Costs

Anvilogic's platform allowed for better control over costs by decoupling the logging layer from the security analytics and detection layer, providing Alteryx with greater budget and resource allocation flexibility. 

Gained Optionality

Using Anvilogic, Alteryx harmonized their legacy systems with modern infrastructure, allowing greater flexibility and adaptability to accommodate increasing data volumes and future data strategy needs. 

Anvilogic is the perfect solution because it doesn't depend on any specific underlying data lake or SIEM solution. It isolates and abstracts the layer of data storage to the schema, so we don't have to worry about making a big decision for the underlying storage solution.

— Guang Wang, Sr. Director of Security Operations and Engineering at Alteryx

Alteryx's experience with Anvilogic is an excellent example of how our enterprise customers are reducing risk and improving security operations without replacing their existing infrastructure, preserving their current investments while still taking incremental steps towards modernization and adopting different data lakes for logging repositories and sources as it aligns to the business. 

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