Anvilogic Ranked as a CyberTech100 2023 Change-Maker for Financial Institution Cyber Defence

Anvilogic Ranked as a CyberTech100 2023 Change-Maker for Financial Institution Cyber Defence

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Fourth annual CyberTech100 underscores Anvilogic’s AI-driven detection engineering and hunting platform as a big player in the financial services cybersecurity space.

Palo Alto, CA | May 10, 2023 – Anvilogic, the Detection Engineering and Hunting Platform that democratizes threat detection and hunting, was recognized today by CyberTech100 awards as one of the most innovative CyberTech companies across the globe that are improving the cyber defenses of financial institutions.

FinTech and FinServ companies are two of the highest targeted industries for cyber attacks. In the first half of 2020, VMware reported a 238% surge in attacks on financial institutions. The financial industry continues to face increased cyber threats, posing a significant risk to its stability and security. 

As ransomware, phishing and data breaches plague financial institutions, there has never been a more important time for financial institutions to adopt robust security measures to protect their assets and clients' sensitive information. Anvilogic helps triumph over such overwhelming odds by delivering a platform that unifies and maximizes existing investments across people, processes, and technology within the Security Operations Center (SOC) to protect organizations from cybersecurity threats.

Anvilogic is the only platform leveraging AI and automation to deliver threat detection and hunting across hybrid and data lake platforms. The platform is a force multiplier for financial services security operation teams, allowing them to go from threats to detections in minutes. 

“Data breaches can cost millions - financial institutions need reliable security solutions, especially during tough economic times when budgets are limited,” said Mackenzie Kyle, VP of Product at Anvilogic. “Our goal is helping these organizations better protect their most critical assets and give their security teams – the true unsung heroes – the time and resources to more effectively detect and hunt credible threats.”

The companies that made the fourth annual CyberTech100 were selected based on their innovative use of technology to solve a significant industry problem or generate cost savings or efficiency improvements across the security value chain – Anvilogic does both.

By providing SOC teams with AI-driven insights and recommendations, process automation, and an enriched hunting/triage experience, Anvilogic ensures a continuous security assessment with clear visibility across all workflows – eliminating the disjointed nature of today’s tools, processes, and workflows.

One Fortune 500 Financial Services Company reported significant improvements in scalability, cost reduction, and detection coverage within a week of leveraging Anvilogic. The implementation resulted in more than 5,000 saved hours, over $1.1 million in cost savings, and a 50% reduction in time spent deploying quality detections.

“Winning the CyberTech100 Awards affirms our approach in safeguarding financial institutions against cyber threats. Our focus remains on bringing AI-based detection engineering and hunting automation to enterprise SOCs, thereby significantly upgrading their detection and mitigation capabilities while providing continuous MITRE ATT&CK capability mapping & scoring across multi-cloud data lake strategies,” said Karthik Kannan, CEO of Anvilogic. 

The recognition is another win for Anvilogic as the company continues its quest to unify its threat detection processes across hybrid logging platforms. With Anvilogic, organizations can get back in the driver's seat of their security.

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