Gain Big Data & Big Detection Energy with Anvilogic + Snowflake

Gain Big Data & Big Detection Energy with Anvilogic + Snowflake


What happens when you pair a scalable security data lake and a modern SOC platform with pre-built detection logic? Some big data and big detection energy. 

Anvilogic has partnered with Snowflake to provide a modern security stack that addresses a critical ongoing challenge that organizations face: how to effectively scale and detect threats across growing data silos while keeping costs down. Consolidating data into a security information and event management (SIEM) solution is costly and impractical as organizations broadly adopt a hybrid and multi-cloud data strategy. By pairing Anvilogic and Snowflake together, you have a fast data onboarding experience with speedy threat detections across disparate data sources. 

We’ve seen this challenge across several customers. Most recently, a Fortune 500 Financial Services Company leveraged the Anvilogic + Snowflake partnership to drive meaningful improvements to their detection coverage gaps as they could not centralize, normalize, query, and detect across multiple data silos and tools. They were particularly interested in gaining visibility into CrowdStrike Falcon Data Replicator (FDR) data which, while an extremely valuable data source in the SOC, is also substantial, generating a terabyte of data or more per day. We’ve seen customers across different industries spend up to a year or more onboarding this dataset into their environment using a legacy SIEM approach. 

After just one week, Anvilogic helped their team easily ingest seven terabytes of CrowdStrike FDR data into Snowflake and quickly implemented 75 pre-built detections that caught two red team attack simulations — all without having to learn a new search language and without their detection or SIEM engineers investing additional time. These results led to significant savings in the form of:

  • 5,000+ hours saved by eliminating detection engineering and deployment friction
  • $1.1+ million saved by onboarding data into Snowflake and deploying 75 detections
  • 50% less time to deploy quality detections   

Need more proof? 

Check out our very own Tim Frazier’s blog post with Snowflake, where he goes into more technical detail about how we did this. Or, if you’re a more visual learner, peep the on-demand webinar

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