Forbes Names Anvilogic to America’s Best Startup Employers of 2024

Forbes Names Anvilogic to America’s Best Startup Employers of 2024

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Palo Alto, CA | March 8, 2024 – At Anvilogic, we're more than just problem-solving pioneers – we take care of our people. With remote work, team events, massive growth, and a fearless mentality to question the status quo, Anvilogic isn't just a workplace, it's an innovative community where every team member is valued and empowered to thrive. Today, we’re honored to announce that Forbes has recognized Anvilogic as one of America’s Best Startup Employers of 2024

Company reputation, employee satisfaction, and growth secured Anvilogic a rank among the top startup companies in the United States.

This recognition coincides with a thriving startup landscape in the United States, marked by the launch of nearly 5.5 million businesses in 2023, which established a new benchmark for entrepreneurial activity based on data from the U.S. Census Bureau’s Business Formation Statistics. From this extensive pool, Forbes collaborated with Statista to select 3,000 startups for evaluation, with only 500 companies named to the final list of America’s Best Startup Employers, by assessing three primary criteria:

  1. Company Reputation: Measured through text analysis of employer articles, blogs, and social media posts.
  1. Employee Satisfaction: Measured through online reviews, employee retention rates, and company policies.
  1. Growth: Measured through the company’s website traffic, job openings, and head counts over a two-year period.

“Anvilogic is a thriving cybersecurity company that was founded with the sole purpose of breaking legacy paradigms in detecting and responding to cyber threats within enterprises,” said Karthik Kannan, CEO and Founder of Anvilogic. “As a company that empowers our customers to leverage AI to drive security automation, and be continuously enabled to defend against adversaries, especially in the ever-expanding cloud world, we first empower our own team to experiment, innovate, and build solutions that our customers need. Therefore, it is with great pride that we embrace this Forbes recognition of our force in the industry and our own team’s growth & success within Anvilogic. A happy, trained, and empowered team can produce the best innovations.”

Notably, among the 500 companies included on the final list, only 52 were cybersecurity companies. Anvilogic proudly secured the 35th position on this list, reaffirming its standing as a leader in the cybersecurity space and a top employer in the startup ecosystem.

The companies considered in the evaluation were all headquartered in the U.S., employing over 50 individuals, and were founded between 2014 and 2021. The final list recognizes the top 500 companies based on millions of data points. The full list of ‘America’s Best Startup Employers’ can be found here.

If you’re interested in joining our team alongside some of the brightest talents in the industry, we invite you to check out our careers page!

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Anvilogic breaks the SIEM lock-in that drives detection gaps and high costs for enterprise SOCs. It enables detection engineers and threat hunters to keep using their existing SIEM while seamlessly adopting a scalable and cost-effective data lake for high-volume data sources and advanced analytics use cases. By eliminating the need for rip-and-replace, Anvilogic allows security leaders to confidently join the rest of the enterprise on the modern data stack without disrupting existing processes. Security operations teams at banks, airlines, and large tech companies use Anvilogic’s modular detection engine, thousands of curated threat scenarios, and AI security copilot to improve detection coverage and save millions of dollars.

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