Accelerating Your Threat Detection with Anvilogic Unified Detect

Accelerating Your Threat Detection with Anvilogic Unified Detect

Detection Strategies

Say Goodbye to the Headaches of Manual Detection Engineering and Hello to an AI-Assisted Solution

As a detection engineer or security analyst, you know that creating and maintaining detections for threat detection can be a tedious and time-consuming process. Manually writing SQL queries and keeping up with the ever-evolving threat landscape can be a headache. That's why Anvilogic has developed Unified Detect, an AI-assisted solution that simplifies and accelerates the detection engineering process.

Anvilogic's Unified Detect dramatically reduces the learning curve when building SQL-based detections and has instilled greater confidence in our team's detection engineering.
- Tim Yip, Head of Cybersecurity Services,

A Solution to the Pain of Manual Detection Engineering

Creating detections can be a lot like building a puzzle with a thousand pieces. It requires a lot of time, effort, and attention to detail. If even one piece is out of place, the entire puzzle falls apart. Not to mention, keeping up with the latest threats, as well as the changing and growing environments. Constantly updating detections is like trying to build that same puzzle while someone keeps adding new pieces. It's a frustrating and never-ending task. As organizations adopt newer data platforms security investigations and SQL-based detections are becoming more prominent as security teams embrace cloud data platforms like Snowflake for cyber use cases. Anvilogic helps bridge the gap between the need to correlate multiple security sources in a security data lake to retrieve actionable insights and the ability to write SQL detections.

Enter Anvilogic Unified Detect. The Anvilogic Platform eliminates the need for writing manual SQL queries and provides a no/low-code solution that makes creating detections faster and easier. Teams can build quality detections and boosts their time to detect across their hybrid data lakes and platforms, whether you have limited skills or to write detections faster. The AI-powered chatbot also removes the complexity and guesswork from the detection engineering process, guiding you through each step and ensuring accuracy.

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The Benefit of an AI-Assisted Solution

Think of Unified Detect as your personal detection co-pilot. It helps you navigate the complexities of detection engineering so that you can focus on the bigger picture. By leveraging AI and machine learning, it provides a more efficient and accurate solution that allows you to quickly create and update detections with confidence.

Additionally, Unified Detect's low/no-code logic provides a drag-and-drop user experience that's easy to use for new and existing employees alike. It saves hours of manual work, reduces the learning curve, and frees up time for more strategic tasks.

Unified Detect's Platform Integration

Another benefit of Unified Detect is its platform integration. Unlike other solutions that require multiple tools, Anvilogic's Unified Detect is natively built into the Anvilogic platform. This means that you can build, test, and deploy detections all in one place without having to rely on external tools. It's a seamless experience that streamlines the detection engineering process.

Effective threat detection is essential for any successful security operations program, but traditional detection engineering processes can be complex and time-consuming. With Anvilogic Unified Detect, security teams can streamline their detection engineering process, accelerate time-to-detect, and improve their overall security posture. By combining AI and low/no-code logic, Unified Detect offers a powerful solution for security teams looking to transform their threat detection capabilities.

Anvilogic Unified Detect empowers security teams with low/no code, AI-driven detection engineering capabilities that seamlessly integrates with Snowflake's modern security data lake architecture, allowing them to confidently build detections with ease and accuracy. It's an exciting development that can be a catalyst for new conversations and bring real value to customers interested in leveraging OpenAI technology for threat detection.
- John Bland, Cybersecurity Data Cloud Principal, Snowflake

In today's ever-changing threat landscape, it's essential to have a solution that can keep up. Anvilogic's Unified Detect is the AI-assisted solution that accelerates and simplifies the detection engineering process, saving you time and increasing accuracy. With its platform integration and low/no-code logic, it's a game-changer for security teams looking to improve their detection coverage and security posture.

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