Unlocking Security Optimization Amongst a Multi-Data Platform Strategy

Unlocking Security Optimization Amongst a Multi-Data Platform Strategy

Security Trends

Data is everywhere.

Today, enterprises are storing their data amongst one, or more likely, multiple data platforms and cloud providers. Tomorrow may be a different story as business and data needs change. In cybersecurity, a multi-data platform strategy goes against what most security teams know about SIEMs, where data "must" be centralized in one location before performing analytics.

Enterprises need optionality: the option to perform analytics amongst multiple data lakes and platforms without requiring a rip-and-replace strategy that's wholly unrealistic.

In this thought leadership webinar, join us with Lucas Moody, SVP & CISO at Alteryx, about why the freedom to choose which data platforms to invest in without compromising your security operations is no longer in an idyllic, unknown future — it's achievable now.

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