Webinar: Build your security operations for the long haul: Proactive security starts with detection

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Being prepared for the worst outcome while keeping up with the ever-changing business priorities is no small task. The ability to detect threats that you’ve never before seen and being able to prevent vulnerabilities from ever being exploited starts with gaining the visibility needed to detect threats unique to your environment and quickly respond.In this webinar, Senior Manager of Security Operations at Rubrik, Matt Johnston discusses:How you can:

  • Act nimble as a security organization (stop the bottlenecking)
  • Stay on top of the latest threats and business changes
  • Stop believing all threats are relevant and instead learn how to focus on what is most relevant and set priorities accordingly
  • Operationalize the MITRE Framework
  • Build a new foundation for security operations for today and the future
  • Know you’re detecting the latest more urgent threats based on your unique threat landscape and industry

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