Omer on Security Live

Tuesday, April 26, 2024 - 10AM PT | 1PM ET

Join Omer Singer, VP of Strategy for a live discussion.

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Join Omer Singer, VP of Strategy for a live discussion where he will dive into: 

- Topics in his latest blogs like the Splunk Effect, Cloud Security, the Importance of Threat Modeling, and more

- Answering your top questions on implementing a Security Data Lake Strategy

- Navigating rising costs with monolithic SIEMs and how to move towards the future of the data lake

Most importantly, this is an open discussion where you can come with your questions, thoughts, and strategize with Omer on your top priorities as a security expert.
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Roland Costea
CISO - Enterprise Cloud Services, SAP
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Omer Singer
VP of Strategy, Anvilogic