Continuous Maturity Scoring

Strengthen and mature your SOC with an end-to-end view into your data, detection, and response coverage

Know where you stand on your maturity journey and know how to improve

Personalized Maturity

Strengthen your security posture by prioritizing threats, evaluating risk, and filling coverage gaps all based on your MITRE ATT&CK priorities

Actionable Insights

Learn what impacts your detection coverage and quality across people, process, and technology and compare your maturity against your peers

Prioritize Effectively

Identify and prioritize the threats that matter most while reducing time-consuming tasks and risk with out-of-the-box recommendations

Measure Impact

Align metrics to important business goals, track team productivity, and get recommendations to adapt to changing priorities

Manage Your MITRE ATT&CK Priorities

Understand detection scope and improve detection engineering and threat hunting efforts by managing your MITRE ATT&CK technique priorities and detection objectives

Assess & Improve Your Data Quality

Automatically assess, identify, and drive improvements to your SOC with ML-driven recommendations to ensure the data feeds from your chosen logging platform are providing coverage based on your MITRE ATT&CK priorities

Evaluate & Enhance Your Detection Coverage

Automatically map all your use cases and alerts from your security tools to the MITRE ATT&CK framework and receive ML-driven recommendations to improve detection coverage across your environment

Track Key Metrics Automatically

Gain visibility into which alerts require immediate action, tuning and maintenance by tracking notable KPI metrics to measure dwell time, triage, analyst productivity, and hunting activities

Gain Visibility Into SOC Improvements

Track and report on your SOC program improvements with an interactive timeline of your maturity score history with detailed information

Customer Case Studies

Research to keep you up-to-date on threats

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