Optimize Your Threat Detection

Build automated threat detection with AI-powered detection engineering

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Streamline your detection engineering lifecycle from days to minutes

Bridge the Cybersecurity Skills Gap

Improve how detections are deployed and maintained, and navigate threat landscapes without needing to be a tools or coding expert

Enhance Your Detection Coverage

Optimized, ready-to-deploy detections paired with machine learning-driven recommendations deliver the necessary coverage across your environment

Decrease Detection Engineering Timelines

Automate end-to-end detection lifecycle management from tuning to health monitoring capabilities while easily managing changes in detection code

Prioritize and Navigate Your Unique Threat Landscape

AI-driven recommendations help teams set threat priorities across MITRE ATT&CK and deploy the effective detections based on your needs

Quickly Deploy Detections Within Minutes

Leverage thousands of ready-to-deploy detection content mapped to the MITRE ATT&CK framework across multiple query languages (SPL, SQL, KQL)

Utilize a low/no-code detection builder to empower you to go from threat content consumers to content consumers

Remove complexity when writing detections with an embedded OpenAI chatbot for coding help

Navigate Your Threat Landscape With ML-Recommendations

Set threat priorities across MITRE ATT&CK to drive detection engineering and hunting exercises with informed recommendations driven by our ML-frameworks

Daily trending threats all in one place through ML-driven recommendations based on your unique threat landscape

Automate the prioritization and analysis of your data feeds and what detection to deploy 

End-to-End Lifecycle Management

Automate and receive guided recommendations driven by machine learning to maintain your detection environment and other activities like tuning, refining and health monitoring

Gain visibility across your SOC team workspace and ability to manage and assign tasks from one location

Easily collaborate to provide feedback between detection and triage teams, as well as share content securely with other industry peers

Efficiently & Effectively Build and Deploy Detections

Easily build and deploy effective behavioral attack-pattern detections with no-code

Import your pre-existing rules to be standardized across all alert data

Leverage frameworks, machine learning recommendations and documentation to help define testing (TTPs) all in one place

Gain Holistic Detection Coverage From Integrations

Save time by fully automating the ingestion, normalization, tagging, and enrichment of various vendor signal and alerts (eg. EDR, WAF, AV, more) before events are indexed and stored

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