Belarusian Hackers, UNC1151 Target Ukraine

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Belarusian Hackers, UNC1151 Target Ukraine

Industry: Defense, Military | Level: Strategic | Source: TechCrunch

Reported by TechCrunch and announced from a Ukraine’s Computer Emergency Response Team (CERT-UA) social media post, a phishing campaign conducted by Belarusian state-sponsored hacker group, UNC1151 is targeting Ukrainian military personnel private email accounts. State from CERT-UA, "Mass phishing emails have recently been observed targeting private i.ua and meta.ua accounts of Ukrainian military personnel and related individuals...After the account is compromised, the attackers, by the IMAP protocol, get access to all the messages. Later, the attackers use contact details from the victim's address book to send the phishing emails." Threat activity from UNC1151 has consistently been tied to targeting the Ukrainian military, thus attribution falls in line with the group’s historic trend from the past two years. The threat group is also believed to be attributed to the DDoS attacks against Ukrainian websites by the Kyiv government.

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