Impact of Conti Ransomware on the Healthcare Industry

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Krebs On Security

Impact of Conti Ransomware on the Healthcare Industry

Industry: Healthcare | Level: Strategic | Source: Krebs On Security

The impact of Conti and Ryuk ransomware on the Healthcare industry has been substantial. As reported by Brian Krebs and findings from the Health Information Sharing & Analysis Center (H-ISAC) chief security officer, Errol Weiss, have declared the impact of ransomware on hospitals has been dangerous causing disruptions to IT systems and the cancellation or delay of patient care services. In addition, with the nature of ransomware, the cost of incidents has been significant requiring payment, incident analysis, and remediation of impacted systems. As identified by Ireland’s Health Service Executive, a ransomware incident that had occurred in May 2021 amassed over $600 million in costs for recovery. Ryuk/Conti has seen this vector as a prime target, and since 2020 the threat actors have compromised more than 400 healthcare facilities. Figures reported for ransomware against the healthcare industry haven’t been reliably reported, it is likely to be underreported given companies would like to keep the breach confidential and not attract public attention.

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