Conti News Decommissioned

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Conti News Decommissioned

Research first reported by AdvIntel on May 20th, 2022, the Conti ransomware gang's shut down seems to be complete for now. The group's Conti News negotiation site shut down, as identified by Threat Intel Analyst, Ido Cohen on Twitter, "After 28 days without any new victims, most of Conti #Ransomware infrastructure is down. This is the end? or a new start?" As mentioned by  Cohen, Conti may never be truly gone as the gang could resurge and is just opting to lay low. Additionally, members of Conti may move to other ransomware gangs or operate in different smaller cells. While Conti as a whole could have faded, for now, the threat the group present still remains in cyberspace.

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