CVE-2021-41379 Patch Bypass = InstallerFileTakeOver

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CVE-2021-41379 Patch Bypass = InstallerFileTakeOver

Security researcher, Abdelhamid Naceri, was able to bypass a vulnerability Microsoft intended to patch as part of the November 2021 patch cycle, tracked under CVE-2021-41379. The exploit is tracked under the name, InstallerFileTakeOver. The exploit affects all supported versions of Windows including Windows 10, 11 and Windows Server 2022, enabling a user to obtain admin level privileges. BleepingComputer validated the ease and use of the exploit, "tested the exploit and used it to open to command prompt with SYSTEM privileges from an account with only low-level 'Standard' privileges. Using this vulnerability, threat actors with limited access to a compromised device can easily elevate their privileges to help spread laterally within the network."


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