Significant DDoS Attack Targeted a Cryptocurrency Platform

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Significant DDoS Attack Targeted a Cryptocurrency Platform

Industry: Financial: Cryptocurrency | Level: Strategic | Source: CloudFlare

Identified from Cloudflare, a cryptocurrency platform was targeted with 15.3 million requests distributed denial-of-service attack. Although not record-setting metrics for a DDoS attack, the activity was significant, and a difference was the utilization of HTTPS as opposed to HTTP. HTTPS requests can result in greater computing strain as it is more compute-intensive. The attack originated from data centers with a large number of resources as shared from Cloudflare, "This attack was launched from a botnet of approximately 6,000 unique bots. It originated from 112 countries around the world. Almost 15% of the attack traffic originated from Indonesia, followed by Russia, Brazil, India, Colombia, and the United States." The duration of the attack measured 15 seconds and Cloudflare was successful in mitigating the attack.

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