FBI Warns of Growing Scam Targeting Senior Adults with Unusual Refund Tactic

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FBI Warns of Growing Scam Targeting Senior Adults with Unusual Refund Tactic

Category: Cybercrime | Industry: Global | Source: FBI

A public service advisory released by the FBI warns of "a recent nationwide uptick in technical support scams targeting older adults, where scammers instruct victims to send cash, wrapped in a magazine(s), via shipping companies." These scammers use various channels to connect with their victims, including phone calls, text messages, emails, or even pop-up windows on compromised websites. Once engaged, the scammer employs tactics to convince the victim that they are eligible for a refund, accessible only through a bank transfer. To facilitate the transfer process, the scammer offers assistance by instructing the victim to download remote access software.

After establishing a connection through the remote access software, the scammer gains access to the victim's bank account. However, the scammer doesn't stop there. They "accidentally" initiate a larger-than-expected money transfer and then highlight this error, preying on the victim's goodwill to refund the excess money transfer by shipping it physically to a location specified by the scammer. "Most recently, scammers have instructed victims to ship packages containing money to pharmacies and retail businesses that are equipped to receive shipping company packages," cautions the FBI.

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