FinalSite Ransomware

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FinalSite Ransomware

FinalSite - a school website design SaaS provider, suffered a ransomware attack on January 4th, 2022. The attack impacted various school districts as FinalSite claims to serve a large customer base, stating their solution is utilized by over 8,000 schools and universities in 115 different countries. The inaccessibly of their websites to schools has caused issues for school districts utilizing the service, to send emergency email notification. This is especially pertinent, as schools send notifications for school closures and COVID-related news. The company is currently working with cyber forensic investigations firm - Charles River Associates for a more comprehensive investigation and is providing limited details on the impact of the attack. From the company statement "After six days of investigation, we know when the threat actor entered, how they entered, and what they looked at. We are confident in saying that no client data has been viewed, compromised, or extracted". While the ransomware strain is identified the SaaS provider did not disclose details of the variant.

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