Major Financial Systems Under Threat by Pro-Russian Hackers

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Financial Services

Major Financial Systems Under Threat by Pro-Russian Hackers

Russian hacker groups, including Killnet, REvil, and Anonymous Sudan, are threatening to impair European and Western financial systems in an upcoming campaign. According to posts shared by CyberKnow, Russian hackers are targeting major financial institutions in Europe and the US, such as SWIFT and the US Federal Reserve System. Additionally, in an announcement video released by the hackers, they are threatening that their attacks are not simply distributed denial-of-service (DDoS), attacks but will be more severe and "destructive" types of activity. This attack appears to be politically motivated, as indicated by the cloaked audio message saying, 'If God rules Russia, then who rules Europe?' The Russian hackers seem to be retaliating against Europe and Western allies for their support to Ukraine in the ongoing conflict. Such threatening and boastful behavior aligns with Killnet's modus operandi.

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