Identify and Access Management (IAM) Lacking

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Palo Alto Unit42

Identify and Access Management (IAM) Lacking

Industry: N/A | Level: Strategic | Source: Palo Alto Unit42

Ensuring proper identity and access management (IAM) configurations is crucial for cloud security. However, analysis from Palo Alto Unit42 has identified IAM policy controls to be lacking to maintain security. Primary reasons for weaknesses in IAM include passwords reuse and complexity. Unit42 has identified 44% of organizations allow password reuse and 53% don't enforce complex passwords. In addition, permissions and policies are identified as overly permissive. Cloud service provider (CSP) policies are often used without user reconfiguration providing more permissions than needed; CSP policies provide 2.5 more permissions in comparison to customer-managed policies. Weak credential management and overly permissive policies enable easier access to attackers. Top threat groups targeting the cloud are TeamTNT, WatchDog, Kinsing, Rocke, 8220, APT29, APT29 and APT41.

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