A Email Hack Leaks Iranian Nuclear Intel

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CSO Online

A Email Hack Leaks Iranian Nuclear Intel

Category: Data Breach | Industry: Energy | Level: Strategic | Source: CSO Online

Iran's nuclear energy agency, Bushehr Nuclear Power Plant has suffered a data breach following the compromise of an email server. The breach was confirmed on Sunday, October 23rd, 2022, by the Atomic Energy Organization of Iran. An Iranian hacking group known as 'Black Reward' has claimed responsibility for the attack. In a translated statement released by the Atomic Energy Organization of Iran, the organization denies the exposure of any sensitive data, characterizing the activity as an attention grab. "It should be noted that the content in users' emails contains technical messages and common and current daily exchanges. It is obvious that the purpose of such illegal efforts, which are carried out out of desperation, is to attract public attention, create media atmospheres, and psychological operations, and lack any other value." The hacktivist group, posted on social media that their hack was initiated in support of the ongoing civil unrest in Iran. Despite the Atomic Energy Organization of Iran refuting the loss of sensitive information, the Black Reward threat group claims to have obtained financial reports, administrative documents reporting the operating schedule of the power plan as well as personally identifiable data including visas and passport information. The group is threatening to release stolen data within 24 hours unless arrested citizens from the protests have been released.

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