Critical Infrastructure in Israel Under Siege from Cyberattacks

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Critical Infrastructure in Israel Under Siege from Cyberattacks

Israel has witnessed a recent rise in cyberattacks aimed at important agencies' websites, including those of airlines, transportation, postal, and irrigation systems, making the country a target for hackers. On Sunday, April 9th, 2023, several water monitors in Israel malfunctioned as a result of a series of cyberattacks, targeting the nation's irrigation systems including the Hula and Jordan Valley, and the Galil Sewage Corporation’s water management systems. Following a security breach, the hackers left a message on control systems displaying the message "Down with Israel, You have been hacked."

Authorities have been reported to have made efforts throughout Sunday morning to address the problem and bring the major systems back to their operational state. However, the authorities remain uncertain about the identity of the attackers.
A report from Hackread, identified associations with the pro-Palestinian hacktivists group, GhostSec targeting and crediting themselves for attacks against critical infrastructure organizations in Israel such as Israeli satellites and water pumps. However, it is uncertain if GhostSec was involved in the recent wave of attacks. The National Cyber Organization has cautioned about the possibility of a surge in cyberattacks aimed at Israeli infrastructure, which may be organized by anti-Israel hackers, during the holy month of Ramadan.

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