Lapsus$ Hacks Globant

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Information & Technology

Lapsus$ Hacks Globant

Information Technology and Software company, Globant has suffered a data breach by Lapsus$, as reported by TechMonitor. Despite the arrest of seven Lapsus$ members, the remaining members are undeterred following their “week-long vacation.” The data extortion group has released 70GBs of data from Globant that includes source code and admin passwords. Typically shared in Lapsus$ data leaks, an image shows Globant clients that include "BNP Parabas, Facebook, healthcare giant Abbot, Stifel and DHL" indicating potentially widespread implications of the hack. Input from researchers at VX-Underground and security specialist Brian Higgins from the company, Comparitech suggest Globant's breach was due to poor "password hygiene."

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