LockBit Faces DDoS Attack Of Their Own

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LockBit Faces DDoS Attack Of Their Own

During the evening of August 19th, 2022, LockBit attempted to leak over 300GB of stolen Entrust data, due to the technology company refusing to meet ransom demands. However, plans to leak the data was interrupted as the ransomware gang's leak site was impacted with a distributed denial-of-service (DDoS) attack with messages retaliating against the data leak. In the aftermath of the issue, LockBitSupp, a LockBit account acting as the group's public figure, has announced the gang has improved its infrastructure to withstand future attacks. In addition, their response to the DDoS attack was to abuse the attack as well, creating a triple extortion scheme of ransomware, data leak, and DDoS attack. LockBitSupp has announced the group is actively recruiting for DDoS members, “I am looking for dudosers [DDoSers] in the team, most likely now we will attack targets and provide triple extortion, encryption + date leak + dudos, because I have felt the power of dudos and how it invigorates and makes life more interesting.” As the release of Entrust was prevented the previous weekend, LockBit has released Entrust data through a legitimate torrent consisting of 343GB of files.

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