Meta Removes Influence Networks Operated by China & Russia

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Civil Society

Meta Removes Influence Networks Operated by China & Russia

Meta reports the removal of influence operations hosted by China and Russia on Facebook and Instagram resources as their presence has violated the company's policy for Coordinated Inauthentic Behavior (CIB). Impersonation and inauthenticity are the main themes of the influence activity as campaigns attempted to drive political themed agendas. The campaign played all sides of political groups both conservatives and liberals thus not having a clear political agenda. Although pertaining to Russia and Ukraine, both networks antagonized Ukraine. Many news outlets were also impersonated to reach those channels' audiences. The network operated by China involves "81 Facebook accounts, eight Pages, one Group and two accounts on Instagram." The Chinese network targeted diplomatic policies in the United States however directed at international audiences in addition, they've targeted Czech policies for China and Ukraine. The network used by Russia was significantly larger "Presence on Facebook and Instagram: 1,633 accounts, 703 Pages, one Group and 29 accounts on Instagram." Russia's network was aimed at Ukraine, The United States, Germany, France, and Italy. Topics of focus for Russia were Western sanctions and directing narratives against Ukraine.

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