NCC Group’s Recap of Ransomware Activity in April 2022

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NCC Group
Consumer Cyclicals

NCC Group’s Recap of Ransomware Activity in April 2022

NCC Group’s Intelligence team, review ransomware activity during the month of April 2022. Overall ransomware tracking has identified a slight increase in activity following March 2022. Unfortunately, ransomware incidents per month have risen compared to 2021. Industry verticals most targeted include industrial 35%, consumer cyclical 19%, and Technology 10%. Regionally the most targeted is North America accounting for 46% of activity and Europe with 33%. A rise in Cl0p ransomware activities was most notable by NCC as Cl0p victims surged from 1 to 21. Based on targets, the group has favored verticals in industrial and technology. Despite increased activity from Cl0p, ransomware groups Lockbit 2.0 and Conti remained the most troublesome groups. Lockbit 2.0 has impacted 103 victims and Conti has impacted 45.

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