Neopets Exposes Personal Data in Breach

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Neopets Exposes Personal Data in Breach

Industry: Technology | Level: Strategic | Source: BleepingComputer

Neopets the virtual pets and games website has been breached exposing personal information of approximately 69 million members. The hack occurred on Tuesday, July 19th, 2022, as a hacker under the alias "TarTarX" sold compromised data including source codes and database information from Netpets for the price of four bitcoin. Compromised information includes names, birth dates, countries, zip codes, IP addresses, gender, email address, and salted passwords. The hacker did not go after Netopets owner Jumpstart for ransom, but rather posted the sale of data online, reportedly already gaining buyer's interest. Posts made from a Neopets Discord channel have verified the Neopets team is aware of the incident and is investigating the extent of the compromise. Impacted users are advised to monitor the Neopets support website Jelleyneo or Jelleyneo Twitter account for updates.

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