New Black Basta, Ransomware Gang

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New Black Basta, Ransomware Gang

Bursting into the cyber threat landscape in April 2022, the newly identified Black Basta ransomware group, has compromised at least twelve organizations. As reported by BleepingComputer, the group employs a double extortion tactic to exfiltrate data prior to launching the ransomware. The Black Basta group site lists ten victim organizations and its likely several impacted organizations have paid/negotiated with the threat actors had their listing removed. Research from MalwareHunterTeam, is predicting the Black Basta gang as a potential rebrand of Conti, given the need to dodge law enforcement and refresh from damaging leaks. Similarities identified include a leak and payment site as well as mannerisms from support personnel. The group doesn't appear to be currently recruiting or marketing its operations.

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