Nickelodeon Admits a Data Breach

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Nickelodeon Admits a Data Breach

Category: Data Breach | Industries: Entertainment, Media | Source: BleepingComputer

Nickelodeon an American television channel owned by Paramount Media Networks has acknowledged a breach of the company's data although the entertainment and media network claims the data to be "decades old." In a report from BleepingComputer, the breach amounts to approximately 500GBs of data affecting the company's animation department with document and media files compromised. A 51-second video was shared by @GhostyTongue on Twitter, sharing a directory view of the compromised files. Reports regarding this breach vary and are unconfirmed, such as allegations of the breach occurring in January 2023 or that the compromised data has been leaked onto a private Discord server. Nickelodeon has not released specific details regarding the breach. A statement provided to BleepingComputer by a company spokesperson states that their “investigation is ongoing” and assures the public “the files do not appear to be the product of a recent breach of their systems."

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