Okta Completes Investigation of January 2022 Breach

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Okta Completes Investigation of January 2022 Breach

Industry: Technology | Level: Strategic | Source: Okta

The January 2022 Okta data breach has concluded with the identity and access management firm sharing the results of the breach. A forensic report, through the use of a cybersecurity firm, identified a smaller scope of the breach than originally anticipated. While initially thought to have potentially impacted 366 customers, findings found only two customer tenants were accessed with limited entry. The threat actor only maintained access for 25 minutes, without having the ability to initiate configuration changes, MFA or password resets. Additionally, the attacker was "unable to authenticate directly to any Okta accounts." The compromise of January 2022 stemmed from a threat actor accessing the workstation of a Sitel support engineer. Okta has terminated its relationship with Sitel.

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