Okta Updates ~2.5% Customers Impacted From Breach

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Okta Updates ~2.5% Customers Impacted From Breach Overview

Industry: Technology | Level: Tactical | Okta

An updated statement from Okta Chief Security Officer, David Bradbury, identified 366 customers (approximately 2.5% of all Okta customers) who were impacted, and notified them their data may have been breached, and the exposed data may have been "viewed or acted upon."

  • Okta: Security Threat Detected
  • Okta: API Token Created
  • Okta: User/Group Privilege Grant
  • Okta: Application Modified or Deleted
  • Okta: Update or Delete sign on policy
  • Okta: MFA Reset or Deactivated
  • Okta: Policy Modified or Deleted
  • Okta: Policy Rule Modified or Deleted
  • Okta Multiple signins from Same IP address
  • Okta Impossible Travel Sign-In
  • Okta: Auth from Suspicious Country
  • Okta: Profile Updated
  • Okta: User Created

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