Phishing with Chatbots

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Phishing with Chatbots

In the latest efforts to improve the authenticity of phishing scams, attackers are incorporating chatbots to aid with credential theft. Observed by Trustwave and BleepingComputer, phishing emails using DHL shipping themes containing a weblink to a phishing URL are being used. Once the victim opens a web link, a page to a webchat opens with a scripted conversation attempting to add legitimacy by posting a photo of the alleged package claiming that due to a damaged label the parcel could not be delivered. This creative setup is designed to coerce the victim into releasing personal and payment information under the guise they are agreeing to re-process the package. The victim would provide shipping information for name, address, and phone number as well as payment details for the cost of shipping. The payment page even requests a one-time-passcode to provide an extra layer of legitimacy.

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