Quantum Ransomware Attacks Government Agriculture Agency

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Quantum Ransomware Attacks Government Agriculture Agency

Quantum ransomware has attacked the Dominican Republic's Instituto Agrario Dominicano (IAD), a government agency associated with the Ministry of Agriculture. The attack appeared to have occurred on August 18th, 2022, with the attackers demanding $650,000 in ransom. The government agency wasn't equipped to handle the incident as they lack security software on their systems and dedicated security department personnel. Assessment of the damage is identified to be substantial as all servers were impacted. Walixson Amaury Nuñez, IAD's Director of Technology stated, "We were affected by four physical servers and eight virtual servers; virtually all servers," adding "the information was totally compromised, because the databases, applications, emails, etc., were affected." The threat actors claimed to have stolen 1TB of data with the intent to leak the data if the ransom demand is not met. The IAD is likely unable to meet the demand given a lack of funds.

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