Ransomware Cancels Final Exams in Tenafly, New Jersey

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Ransomware Cancels Final Exams in Tenafly, New Jersey

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A ransomware attack struck Tenafly Public Schools in New Jersey, on June 2nd, 2022, forcing the cancellation of final exams. Members of the school district initially identified the attack when access to system files were hindered. It was then, the district contacted cybersecurity experts who discovered ransomware on the network. The FBI and cyber insurance providers for the school were also engaged in the incident. The school’s systems were taken offline to investigate and isolate the attack, resulting in grading systems and class notes being unavailable to parents and students. As students relied on class notes to prepare for their final exams, the decision to forgo the final exams was made by teachers who believe the disruption in studies to be unfair to students. Teachers who needed to complete the remaining curriculum, had to relay on projectors, pencils, paper, and additional hands-on activities. Google suites such as Google Workspace, Google Classroom, and Google Drive were made available and had been implemented with additional security. The estimated completion time for full system restoration is currently unknown with the only comment provided from Christine Corliss the district communications manager, stating it is “progressing well, so we expect soon.” The threat actors responsible for the attack are also unknown.

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