Red Canary's Intelligence Insights For June 2022

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Red Canary's Intelligence Insights For June 2022

Industry: N/A | Level: Strategic | Source: RedCanary

Red Canary's has shared intelligence for the month of June 2022, with Qakbot/Qbot, Mimikatz, and Impacts ranking respectively. In May 2022, Qakbot rose considerably in the standings to the top spot, where before it was only ranked #9. Mimikatz and Impacket activity have slipped in rankings, however they remained in the top three for observed threats. Another notable change in rankings was a rise in Emotet activity, moving up to #5 from not being ranked at all in May 2022. Threat activity is found to be increasing as mentioned by Red Canary "Overall threat volume increased slightly in May, with 13.3 percent of Red Canary customers encountering at least one named threat (up from 12.7% in April, but still below March’s 14.3% mark)." Red Canary also shared threat activity from BumbleBee loader to be rising, as threat actors deploy the malware setting the stage for downloads of additional malicious payloads.

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