Potential Attack on Indian Electricity Grid by RedEcho

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Critical Infrastructure

Potential Attack on Indian Electricity Grid by RedEcho

Activity tracked by Recorded Future suspects a cyber attack was initiated by Chinese state-sponsored threat group, RedEcho, targeting India's power grid. The attacks were specifically targeted in North India at seven Indian State Load Despatch Centres (SLDCs), to disrupt the flow and dispatch of electricity. Geographically the activity is near the border of Ladakh, the area is a focus of border conflict between India and China. An assessment from Recorded Future's director Jonathan Condra offers the following on the intrusion activity “We believe that the targeting of the Indian power sector is likely for prepositioning purposes or intelligence collection with an eye towards having the capability to disrupt the Indian power sector in the event of kinetic conflict between China and India, and/or for signaling purposes to India – showcasing a capability for deterrence purposes. The targeting of the emergency system may be motivated by more traditional intelligence collection goals, but we cannot confirm at this time.”

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