Russian Central Bank Hacked by Anonymous

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March 24th, 2022: Russian Central Bank Hacked by Anonymous

Industry: Financial Services | Level: Strategic | Source: TaiwanNews

Posted from various Anonymous-associated Twitter accounts, the hacking group compromised the Russian central bank and pension fund. The associated hackers are threatening to release leaked documents and have also executed a "printer attack." The Anonymous group has conducted many hacks against Russia in support of Ukraine, as stated in one Twitter account - @mozcowboi, "The Pension Fund of the Russian Federation got hacked Database, server data and backups have been wiped in many regions of Russia The attacks will continue as long as there are civilian casualties in Ukraine." Another response tweet by an Anonymous user by the handle @DepaixPorteur claimed the size of the data to be "WAY bigger than we expected" with the release of the data coming after "5-20 days to finish exfiltrating it."

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