Canadian Energy Supplies Under Threat by Russian Actors

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Canadian Energy Supplies Under Threat by Russian Actors

Category: Russia & Ukraine | Industries: Energy, Oil & Gas | Source: Reuters

According to intelligence from the Canadian spy agency, the Communications Security Establishment (CSE), Russian threat actors may threaten to disrupt Canadian energy and oil & gas sectors. Targeting Canadian energy stores in oil and natural gas would be an opportunity for Russia to retaliate against Ukrainian allies and cut off a major energy supplier. Canada is the fourth-largest oil producer, and the Canadian capital of Ottawa is a staunch ally of Ukraine. Given the tensions between the Russian and Ukraine war, CSE released a statement during a threat assessment, highlighting the possibility of "a disruptive incident in the oil and gas sector in Canada caused by Russia-aligned actors, due to their higher tolerance for risk, the increase in their numbers and activity, as well as the number of vulnerable targets in the sector overall." CSE also notes the significance of "operational technology networks that monitor and control large industrial assets" as a prime target for pro-Russian hackers. Disruptions in Canada will not only have ripple effects on Ukraine, but the consistent pressure against Ukrainian allies can serve to cause discord and have a 'psychological impact,' weakening Ukraine's support from their allies.

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