Stormous Ransomware Breaches Coca-Cola

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Food & Beverage

Stormous Ransomware Breaches Coca-Cola

Industry: Food & Beverage | Level: Strategic | Source: BleepingComputer

Beverage corporation Coca-Cola is investigating a claim made by threat group, Stormous, of a breach to the company's network, exfiltrating 161GB of data. As reported by BleepingComputer, the threat group claim to have stolen "compressed documents, text files with admin, emails, and passwords, account and payment ZIP archives, and other type of sensitive information." A Telegram post made by Stormous announced the group is selling compromised data for 1.65 Bitcoin/approximately $64,000. Similar to Lapsus$, the Stormous group created a poll the week prior listing targets to breach, with coca-cola.com receiving the most votes at 74%. Other noted targets included Mattel, Danaher, Blackboard, and GE Aviation.

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