U.S Hospitals to Brace for Cyber Attacks

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U.S Hospitals to Brace for Cyber Attacks

The American Hospital Association (AHA) is alerting U.S hospitals to brace for potential cyber-attacks associated with the conflict between Russia and Ukraine as reported by HealthExec. Concerns are due to potential retaliation from Russia in response to economic sanctions being imposed. A statement from AHA's Cybersecurity advisor John Riggi states "We want hospitals, their C-suite executives and chief information officers to take this very seriously. There is a war going on and the adversary is very proficient in cyberattacks." In addition, Riggi advises hospitals to "be prepared to operate 4 to 6 weeks without the ability to use their computers or archive data." A disruption in operation impacts medical equipment and record-keeping abilities. Conti ransomware gang, that has aligned itself with Russia in the conflict, has a history targeting healthcare organizations.

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