Anvilogic & Snowflake Scale Security for the Future


Modernize your SOC with Anvilogic and Snowflake

A security data lake strategy that bridges legacy enterprise tech stacks to modern cloud architecture while lowering costs and improving security coverage across hybrid, multi-cloud environments and security data lakes.


Easily migrate data & detections to Snowflake

Leverage predefined and vetted Snowflake worksheets to automatically onboard new cloud logs.  You can also migrate existing data sources, like AWS, Crowdstrike, Windows and Linux from other hybrid and multi-cloud data repositories along with necessary detections to Snowflake.

Prepare for new & future cloud workloads

Security teams can simplify tool complexity and easily detect, hunt, triage and respond across old and new cloud workloads without needing to be cloud experts.

Unify detections across data sources & alerts

Anvilogic Unified Search queries logs directly in Snowflake and other log data sources from hybrid, multi-cloud and data lakes and vendor alerts to then normalize, tag, and enrich alerts and signals. This enables security teams to easily correlate alerts and deploy detections.

Gain detection efficacy & deliver faster response

Anvilogic delivers insights and efficiency through centralized detection, hunting, and triage interface that provides uniform detection and response across Snowflake and other data lakes.

Boost visibility and automated threat detection

Visualize alerts across various frameworks like MITRE ATT&CK, Kill Chain and more with Anvilogic Event Summary Dashboard, powered by Snowflake. Quickly escalate critical alerts for additional triage with spotlight events from Anvilogic's automate threat detection.

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Kickstart your security operations

Anvilogic provided the necessary threat detection automation for our small SOC, adding a significant force-multiplier advantage for my team.