#8 Scaling Detection Engineering: Leveraging AI for Workloads on Snowflake

September 14, 2023

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Working on big data systems means you're wrangling large numbers of data sources and probably generating in excess of millions of events to monitor for an potential threat vectors. In this episode Michael Hart, Principal Data Scientist at Anvilogic, will walk through how you can use the power of AI + Snowflake to overcome common challenges with large workloads and go through:

  • Detecting Event Normalization & Enrichment Failures
  • Automation on the Snowflake Data Cloud
  • Reducing False Positives in Detection Rules
  • Threat Hunting on Suspicious Events

Come learn how Anvilogic leverages ML to help you get the most of not just your Snowflake investment, but any data platform you use. Join the fun and bring a malicious execution of powershell and we’ll test it and show you how this works in action.

Episode Host Headshot
Mike Hart
Principal Data Scientist, Anvilogic
Episode Host Headshot
Jade Catalano
Sr. Director Product Marketing, Anvilogic

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